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National Treasures aims to change lives by building connections in families and communities while providing marketing opportunities for businesses in a truly unique virtual platform. Our mission is simple, we are dedicated to improving our communities and helping those around us by reconnecting families and children in todays digital world. We have created an interactive treasure hunt game that is designed to get players out experiencing their culture and recapturing their sense of adventure, either solo, with friends or as a family. We believe this is a way we can use technology and the worlds love of gaming to encourage players to explore the real world.

As part of our plan to achieve that goal, we have developed an innovative geofencing algorithm within the hunt that represents a unique marketing opportunity for local small businesses. By nominating your business as a clue location, you are set to boost foot traffic, grow overall awareness of your brand and have the potential to satisfy some hungry & thirsty adventurers on their treasure hunting journey.

We are particularly interested in partnering with you if you love your location and are in close proximity to a specific cultural attraction that you believe goes underappreciated.

Innovative Geofencing Algorithm

Our innovative geofencing algorithm is what enable us to offer this unique marketing opportunity. The development team here at National Treasures has been able to integrate this into the hunt, meaning all National Treasures players will be required to step within a 5 metre radius of your businesses location to progress through the game.

This rare marketing opportunity means that while exploring their local communities and hunting for treasure, players will have the chance to interact with your business.

Increase brand awareness

Increase your brands awareness and drive foot traffic to your business by nominating as a clue location.

Try a revolutionary marketing method

Be part of an innovative marketing strategy that uses engagement and genuine connection to deliver results.

Engage with your community

Discover a new way to engage with your community as a small business and improve your reputation.

Enable education and creativity

By taking part in National Treasures, you are helping to enable cultural education and support us awarding prizes to participating schools.

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